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Why do women get more cold than men?

Typically, there’s a divide in every office, with people that feel much colder than others, and sometimes this can be a problem. When the office becomes an uncomfortable place to work, productivity can dwindle. This can have a negative impact on your workers and your company.

This month, we’re here to explore why there’s a tendency for women to feel colder than men, to see what can be done in order to keep everyone happy within the working environment.


Women have high core temperatures 

Although core temperatures vary throughout the day from person to person – a woman’s core temperature remains consistently higher throughout, compared to the average man. Although this sounds contradictory to women feeling colder, it actually means that women are simply more sensitive to differences in temperature because they’re used to being much warmer.

A woman’s core has developed overtime to protect their bodies from freezing weather and when the temperatures drop beyond what’s comfortable for them, their body conserves heat by directing all the energy to their core so the vital organs are kept warm. However, because of this, a woman’s blood flow is reduced, which causes their skin to feel much colder.


Women’s extremities are colder than men’s

When a woman is in an environment that is colder than what’s comfortable for them, the blood flow to extremities lessens, causing their hands and feet to feel  colder by a few degrees.


Birth control makes women’s body temperature fluctuate

Birth control can have a huge affect on a woman’s body temperature – it can actually, raise their core temperature. If a woman’s core is consistently warmer than usual, it will be very noticeable when there’s a drop in temperature.  


Slower metabolic rates cause women to be colder

The metabolic rate is the rate in which we burn food and during this process, the body’s temperature rises because it’s working hard and heat is generated as a by-product. This being said, a man’s metabolic rate is 23% higher than a woman’s,  so there’s no surprise that the average body temperature of a woman is cooler than a man’s – due to slower metabolic rates.


Buildings are set at cool temperatures – a snippet of history

Thermostats were modelled back in the 60s to accommodate men because women were generally at home taking care of the housework and children. This is generally why offices and buildings feel cooler to the majority of women because these spaces were built with men in mind.

Of course, today it’s incredibly important to ensure that offices are equipped to cater to both women and men, to ensure happy workers and efficient workflow.


How to combat the temperature difference
With air conditioning, you can keep your offices at a consistent temperature thanks to temperature control. There are a number of benefits to air conditioning including: a better respiratory system, consistent body temperature, filtered air – free from fumes and bad smells, healthy humidity levels and a body better posture; ideal for those sitting down all day.


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