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The Best Thermostat Temperature for Winter

According to meteorologists, September 23rd marked the official end of summer in 2019. That means it’s time for the debate of the season: what’s the ideal thermostat temperature in winter?

The government recommendation is 21 degrees celsius, but this is actually a little higher than the average UK home temperature of 20.1 degrees. In general, anything between 18-21 is considered comfortable.

With temperatures dropping and electricity prices set to rise, read on to discover how you can be more energy-efficient and save money on your fuel bills this winter.


How do thermostats work?

Thermostats record the ambient air around them, sending a message to the boiler to heat up the home if it’s not at the temperature you desire. This can be problematic in cases where the thermostat is positioned in a particularly cold area like a draughty doorway – the air around it is always going to be cold, resulting in unnecessary signals for the boiler to fire up, ultimately overheating the home. ‘Smart’ thermostats can be a good way of making the home more energy-efficient as they let you personalise your heating schedule, allowing remote access and producing energy-usage data.


Money-saving changes you can make for energy efficiency:

  • Shop around – it can be confusing when there are so many options of which energy provider to go for, but it’s important to spend time making sure you’re getting the best possible value for money.
  • Be responsible – don’t increase the thermostat too high in the hope that it’ll heat up the house faster. It doesn’t affect the speed at all, and just results in a stuffy house and wasted money!
  • Put on a jumper – wearing an extra layer can warm you up by 3 degrees, and lowering your average thermostat temperature by just 1 degree can knock 10% off your heating bills. Wrap up warm, dial the thermostat down and save yourself £150 a year!

Insulation is key

No matter how many changes you try to make, it won’t make a difference if your home is poorly insulated. Any heat put into your home will just escape, costing you your hard-earned money. Easy ways to prevent this include:

  • Double glazed windows
  • Investing in loft, wall, and/or underfloor insulation
  • Sealing cracks around door jambs and windows, and closing doors/vents to unused rooms

Don’t forget about ventilation

Insulation is great as it makes the home easier to heat, but this can mean that the circulation of fresh air in and out of the home is inadequate. It’s important to remember to ventilate our homes properly in order to prevent condensation, stale air, and the buildup of damp and mould.

Here at Air Conditioning Services (GB) Ltd, we recognise the importance of having quality fresh air without losing heat. We offer a complete range of ventilation systems for domestic or commercial purposes, from basic extractor fans to heat recovery ventilation units.

To find out more about our ventilation solutions or our various other services, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team who will be more than happy to advise you.