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How does Air Conditioning Work?

Modern air conditioning is used to make the home a comfortable and inviting place, especially in those boiling summer months, but when the AC stops working, you can certainly feel the change in temperature throughout your home. To gauge the issue you’re experiencing, simply learn a little about how your air conditioning works by following our basic guide.

For your air conditioning unit to work, each component must be working at their optimal level to ensure maximum efficiency. So let’s find out more about your AC!


What is the compressor?

The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning unit, without this component you will not enjoy any cool air. This part can be found inside the outdoor AC unit.

The compressor is a cylindrical object inside the AC with a piston attached, this is powered by a motor. The compressor does exactly what the name suggests, it compresses – the gaseous refrigerant. Once compressed, the temperature rises and the pressure of the gas increases.


What is the condenser?

The condenser is the part of the AC unit that cools down the refrigerant, extracting the warm air inside your home to the outside. This is the component that helps the compressed gas turn back into a liquid state and once it’s pumped back into the indoor unit, the cold air is released into your home.


What is the expansion valve?

The cold liquid refrigerant is under a high pressure when it vacates the condenser and this drives the refrigerant through to the expansion valve. The job of the expansion valve is to remove the high-pressure from the liquid refrigerant.


What is the evaporator?

Once the expansion valve has brought down the high pressure, the liquid can then change state and turn back into gas. This process is aided by the heat that’s extracted from indoors, as it warms the liquid and allows it to evaporate – enabling the air conditioner to disperse cold air into the home.


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