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Health benefits of air conditioning

There’s a common misconception that there are health risks associated with air conditioning. However this month, Air Conditioning Services are here to explain the health benefits and the key solution to a happy and healthy air conditioner.


Below you will find many health benefits air conditioning has to offer your home or work place:

#1 Air Conditioning Benefit: helps with your respiratory system

Asthma sufferers can find day-to-day life difficult – what with car fumes, pollen, dust mites, body sprays and general contaminants that can be found in the air. So when you’re at home or in the workplace, air conditioning can offer clean and clear, filtered air. A modern day system is more than good enough to help all users’ keep their respiratory systems in tip-top shape. As the air flows throughout the room, it is constantly filtered and pushed back out, removing all irritating contaminants.

#2 Air Conditioning Benefit: a consistent body temperature is good for you

If you find yourself fluctuating between being too hot and too cold, you can find yourself getting ill on a regular basis. This is because the body has to accommodate and cater to these rapid changes and thus, use up much more energy than we may realise. Overtime this can cause chronic fatigue and can run down your immune system.

With an air conditioning unit, you will be able to better maintain your body temperature and keep you fighting infection and illness off with ease.

#3 Air Conditioning Benefit: it removes fumes and bad smells

We wouldn’t choose to sit amongst unpleasant smells because, well they’re not very nice. Not to mention, bad smells could in fact be the start of a much bigger problem, such as fumes, a chemical leak or stale air. All of these issues can have a negative impact on our health but with an air conditioning unit, the air will circulate around the room and through the filter, removing fumes and bad smells.

#4 Air Conditioning Benefit: humidity levels are kept at a healthy level

Whether it’s damp or hot sticky air, working or living in an environment with unhealthy humidity levels can cause many to take sick days and rapidly reduce overall productivity. With an air conditioning unit, you will be able to remove moisture and eliminate the problem altogether.

#5 Air Conditioning Benefit: it can help with body posture

A surrounding that is too hot or too cold, can cause the body to tense – this can cause chronic aches, pains and stiffness. Reap in the benefits from your AC unit when you set it to a comfortable temperature.

#6 Air Conditioning Benefit: modern systems are practically silent

Hearing the motor on large cold or hot air fan can be quite distracting and not very practical when it comes to use in an office or during the nighttime at home. AC units can continually monitor the air and keep the temperature comfortable, even when there’s extreme weather; in absolute silence.

Ensure your AC Unit is working to its full potential by keeping it well maintained, this will keep your air clean and you, healthy. For advice or maintainance, call your local experts.

ACS GB Ltd have a wealth of experience supplying and installing modern, high quality air conditioning units and provide emergency breakdown cover too. We have a skilled in-house team of qualified engineers and offer free site surveys and quotations. We serve a number of locations including: Ashbourne, Buxton, Derby, Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield – so if you’re local, get in touch today and let’s schedule you in.