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Global Cooling Prize of $3 Million for Reinventing Air Conditioning with Richard Branson

Investors, departments of Science and Technology and the prize’s ambassador, billionaire philanthropist, Sir Richard Branson, are offering the Global Cooling Prize of $3 million to anyone who can reinvent the air conditioner to make it environmentally friendly.

With more homeowners installing AC units into their homes due to the increase in global temperature, there is a higher demand for this technology, but as a by-product is producing tonnes of carbon emissions.

Check out this video Richard Branson has made for the project:

This is why the international competition is being launched to find a way to protect the planet and make AC units more accessible to the target market.


The innovative environmentally friendly air conditioning unit must meet these requirements:


X5 less impactful on the environment (than the units we have today)

X2 less of the normal shelf price of an AC unit

– Must be made from specific materials

– Maintenance of units must meet particular rules and regulations


Global Cooling Prize Timeline


November 2018Prize launch

June 2019Preliminary application deadline

August 2019Technical application deadline

July to October 2019Application evaluation

November 2019Finalist announcement

May to September 2020Prototypes and testing

October 2020Final presentations and participant workshops

November/December 2020Final award ceremony


Up to the task? Click here for more information.


Why now?


Research has been presented by those backing the Global Cooling Prize, showing the forecast of how air conditioning units will triple in sales within the next 3 decades – by 2050.

Currently, 1.2 billion air conditioning units are being sold but within 30 years it is projected to be increasing to 4.5 billion. With more homes using this technology by 2050, it’s important to tackle the impact it will have on the environment as this alone can raise the temperature by 0.5c.

This is why this competition is seeking out an individual who can tackle this problem with a product that has less impact on our global emissions – keeping the world cool and its users cool, too.


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