28th December 2018

Global Cooling Prize of $3 Million for Reinventing Air Conditioning with Richard Branson

Investors, departments of Science and Technology and the prize’s ambassador, billionaire philanthropist, Sir Richard Branson, are offering the Global Cooling Prize of $3 million to anyone who can reinvent the air conditioner to make it environmentally friendly. With more homeowners installing AC units into their homes due to the increase in global temperature, there is […]

30th April 2016

R22 Gas Phase Out – Make sure you’re legally compliant

As of 1st January 2015, it is illegal to use R22 refrigerant to maintain or repair air conditioning equipment. The legislation is a part of the EC Ozone Regulation (No. 1005/2009) which was introduced in order to phase out HCFC’s which are deemed damaging to the environment, and this includes R22 gas which was commonly […]