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The Best Types of Air Conditioning for Retail Environments

When it comes to your retail store, customer comfort should be a priority. The ability to control the temperature in your retail facility is an essential element to making sure your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience, which means an increased likelihood of sales and return visits.

When choosing your air conditioning unit, consider the needs of your store to ensure you install a unit that is suited to your retail environment’s needs, and will be a cost effective investment for your business. To aid your decision, we’ve listed the pros and cons of the various air conditioning units on offer.

Wall or floor mounted

Wall mounted systems are typically comprised of one internal and one external unit, whilst floor mounted units are fitted to the wall where your radiators would usually be.


-> These types of units are very energy efficient, and offer full control of the surrounding environment, making them an ideal choice for smaller shops.

-> Wall or floor mounted units are usually smaller than their alternative counterparts, meaning they have low running costs which can save you money, especially if installed in a smaller building.

-> Cheap installation.

-> Units can be controlled remotely, meaning that you have full control of the retail environments cooling and heating levels at all times.


-> Wall units can, if not installed correctly, cause unwanted cold drafts

-> These types of unit are more obviously seen by occupants, and could distract from the stylish layout of your store.

-> Can be noisier than other types of Air Conditioning – although this is not always the case.

Ducted Units

These are the least intrusive type of Air Conditioning unit, as most of the system is hidden above a suspended ceiling.


-> The unsightly air conditioning box is kept hidden from sight

-> Your customers will not see anything other than a small grill mounted in the ceilings


-> Ducted units are best installed when you carry out a refit, as they usually require the suspended ceiling to be removed.

-> Ducted units are more expensive to install as you also need to install ductwork and grills, if they are not already on site.

Ceiling cassette

Ceiling cassette air conditioning units are the most common type of unit, installed into the ceiling for a convenient, practical installation.


-> Ceiling cassette units have the advantage of being remote control operated, giving you complete control over the temperature levels of the building, without risking the unit being tampered with by unauthorised persons.

-> Placed in the ceiling, this type of unit blends easily into your store’s environment, allowing you to retain your shop’s aesthetics without sacrificing on customer comfort.

-> Being ceiling mounted, these units don’t take up any of your valuable sales floor space.


-> Installation can be most costly for ceiling mounted units, and can cause some disruption to your business whilst being fitted.

-> Ceiling cassette units will need to be accessed from below when carrying out our servicing, which may need to be done out of shop opening hours.

Whatever you choose, here at Air Conditioning Services GB we provide a wide variety of air conditioning units to suit your commercial business’s needs. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance and repairs service, ensuring your unit stays functioning perfectly for years to come.