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Why does my air conditioning smell bad?

If you’re reluctant to pop on your air con, you should probably get it cleaned! Here at Air Conditioning Services, we want you to be able to use your systems without worrying about an awful smell. This article will highlight the odours you might be experiencing, and what could be the cause.

An unpleasant smelling air conditioning system is probably down to one of these things:

  • Fungus and/or mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Stagnant water
  • Fluid and/or gas leakages

If your air conditioning smells musty and is causing an unpleasant smell, it’s usually down to a build-up of fungus and mildew. The reason for this build-up is because whilst air conditioning makes a room warmer and cooler, it also gets rid of moisture in the air. So when the filter isn’t cleaned out properly, this becomes the perfect environment for fungus and mildew to grow. Hire an expert, who will clean the unit safely and thoroughly.

Sometimes your air conditioning can be releasing a horrendous rotten egg smell. Most of the time this is caused by a build-up of alcohol compounds found in air fresheners, perfumes, deodorant sprays etc. these compounds are food for bacteria that live inside your air conditioner, the smell is the bacteria’s waste products. Do not fear though, all you have to do is call a professional who will service the equipment and use a anti bacterial cleaner to kill bacteria and prevent the smells. To prevent this from recurring, you will need to have the systems serviced on a regular basis, at least twice per year. This is also a condition of many manufactures warranties and you may be invalidating this if you don’t have full service history in place.

One of the most common odours we hear about is “smelly feet”, this is down to a grubby and blocked vent and or fan scroll. This develops over time due to trapped moisture that has become stagnant. Although this smell is irritating, it’s nothing to worry about, your air conditioning just needs a good cleaning and it’ll smell fresh once again.

In the rare event that your air conditioner smells like exhaust fumes, this can be related to a fluid/gas leak within the vent. If you do notice this problem, you should get in contact with us as soon as possible to avoid any danger. Although regular maintenance checks should be made throughout the year to keep your machine safely serviced, this is no guarantee against parts failure and your unit should be checked immediately if you detect a smell similar to exhaust fumes.

Whether you need to call the Air Conditioning Services (GB) Ltd for servicing your existing machine or wish to organise a fitting – domestic or commercial, we’re here to offer exemplary support. If you need help or want more information, please get in contact with a friendly advisor today!