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Why Does my Air Conditioning Leak?


If you’re wondering why your air conditioning is leaking water, then take it from the team here at Air Conditioning Services GB Ltd – we see all sorts of issues on a regular basis and we’re here to help you identify and sort any problem. Below you will find a number of reasons as to why your air conditioning may be leaking water. For peace of mind, read on!

Drain Blockage

If the drain is blocked then there’s a great possibility that the drain pan is overflowing. This is caused by an accumulation of dust and dirt that has built up over time, thus causing a barrier to any water that tries to pass through. This water will inevitably gather and settle behind the blockage and as a result, cause the drain pan to overflow – as it’s only built to hold a certain amount of water.

However if you have regular maintenance performed by us, we will clear out the drain line and keep your machine free from preventable leakages.

Disconnected or broken drain pipe

A disconnected drain pipe isn’t common because this only happens if the air conditioning that’s been installed, hasn’t been fitted correctly. If your PVC fixtures haven’t been properly glued, it’s likely to see water coming from there. Before you call us, it’s best to inspect the drain pipe to see if there are any obvious leaks.

Low refrigerant charge

If the air conditioning is low on refrigerant, the machine is likely to freeze whilst in cooling mode, so when the air conditioning is turned off, the ice will melt and the water may drip from the indoor unit.

Dirty filter

A dirty filter will lower the air conditioner’s efficiency and restricts the flow of air through the indoor unit, hence it will lower the units coil temperature and just like a household freezer, ice will form on the coil. Then when turned off or the unit goes into fan only mode the ice will melt and water may leak.

Temperature outside is too cold

Some models of A/C unit have a limit to which they can operate in cooling mode on the outdoor unit, this is called the Minimum Ambient Operating Range. If the unit is run in cooling mode below this minimum for long periods of time, the refrigerant within the system becomes over condensed and can cause the indoor coil temperature to fall below 0’C, causing ice to form on the indoor coil. Again when this ice melts, the water can leak out of the unit. To find out what you’re A/C units minimum ambient operating range is, call our sale team who will be happy to help.


If you’re on the lookout for exemplary air conditioning services, count on our experienced and professional team to install, repair and maintain your air conditioning to ensure you get the very best from your machines. ACS (GB) Ltd cover a number of areas including: Ashbourne, Buxton, Derby, Sheffield, Rotherham Chesterfield and nationwide, so if you need professional help and advice – call us today!