25th September 2018

How does Air Conditioning Work?

Modern air conditioning is used to make the home a comfortable and inviting place, especially in those boiling summer months, but when the AC stops working, you can certainly feel the change in temperature throughout your home. To gauge the issue you’re experiencing, simply learn a little about how your air conditioning works by following […]

13th June 2018

Why do women get more cold than men?

Typically, there’s a divide in every office, with people that feel much colder than others, and sometimes this can be a problem. When the office becomes an uncomfortable place to work, productivity can dwindle. This can have a negative impact on your workers and your company. This month, we’re here to explore why there’s a […]

25th March 2018

Health benefits of air conditioning

There’s a common misconception that there are health risks associated with air conditioning. However this month, Air Conditioning Services are here to explain the health benefits and the key solution to a happy and healthy air conditioner.   Below you will find many health benefits air conditioning has to offer your home or work place: […]

19th December 2017

How air conditioning was invented

Along with central heating, the air conditioner is the next best thing when it comes to temperature control. Believe it or not, air conditioning has been around for over 100 years and it certainly hasn’t gone out of fashion. This month, Air Conditioning Services (GB) Ltd are here to give you a simple rundown on […]

30th September 2017

Why Does my Air Conditioning Leak?

  If you’re wondering why your air conditioning is leaking water, then take it from the team here at Air Conditioning Services GB Ltd – we see all sorts of issues on a regular basis and we’re here to help you identify and sort any problem. Below you will find a number of reasons as […]

30th June 2017

What are the benefits of air conditioning maintenance?

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, a lot of us would like to attempt to give it a go rather than seeking expert help. Tampering with your air conditioning can be detrimental and may even cause more damage than good, so when it comes to air conditioning it’s important to get a professional’s opinion. […]

13th March 2017

Why does my air conditioning smell bad?

If you’re reluctant to pop on your air con, you should probably get it cleaned! Here at Air Conditioning Services, we want you to be able to use your systems without worrying about an awful smell. This article will highlight the odours you might be experiencing, and what could be the cause. An unpleasant smelling […]

12th December 2016

5 Recommended Air Conditioning Brands: A quick guide

In the modern age we expect our environment to be comfortable no matter where we are. Whether we’re at home, in the office or out shopping, air conditioning systems are working tirelessly in the background to maintain a pleasant temperature to keep you free from discomfort. Leading air conditioning manufacturers are constantly pushing themselves to […]

20th September 2016

The Best Types of Air Conditioning for Retail Environments

When it comes to your retail store, customer comfort should be a priority. The ability to control the temperature in your retail facility is an essential element to making sure your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience, which means an increased likelihood of sales and return visits. When choosing your air conditioning unit, consider the […]

28th May 2016

Common Air Conditioning Faults and Potential Causes

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning units tend to have a long lifetime, lasting anywhere from 10 to 15 years on average with only minimal repairs and maintenance required. In order to ensure your unit lasts as long as possible, identifying the causes for any faults you encounter is important in order to ensure the unit is fixed as […]