Air Conditioning in Rotherham

Air Conditioning Services has been providing top-quality air conditioning and ventilation services since 1972. We are proud that our professional, efficient work, not to mention great customer service, has led us to become a Daikin-approved installer and a certified Refcom member.

An AC system can make a huge difference. It is important to make sure that your building is at the right temperature, especially in places where food is stored or people are working. Domestic air conditioning is beneficial for homeowners when the summer heat finally arrives, especially for freelancers working from home. Commercial air conditioning, on the other hand, is often essential in buildings catering to many people, such as office spaces and restaurants.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Services not only install AC units but also offer air conditioning maintenance and air conditioner cleaning throughout Rotherham. We can check that air conditioning filters are functioning properly and make sure that your system is in full working order.

Air Conditioning Repairs

In the event that your AC system breaks down, our fully-trained team can repair your air conditioner unit and sort out any problems with air conditioning leaks.
We also offer comprehensive ventilation solutions. This is essential for keeping buildings at an optimum temperature all year round, and balancing out both hot weather and cold weather. Our heat recovery systems utilise existing warm air and recycle it, making it stretch a little bit further and helping to save on bills. Heat pumps, for example, take heat from the ground and move it to another location.

Why Choose Air Conditioning Services?

  • Free Site Surveys and Quotations
  • Emergency Breakdown Cover
  • In-House Team of Qualified Engineers
  • Experts with Leading Brands and Systems

Air Conditioning Services supply, maintain and repair air conditioning units throughout Rotherham, as well as offering comprehensive ventilation solutions. To enquire about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.